Open 7 Days. Lunch (from 11.30am). Dinner (from 5pm till late). 

Dinner at Barnacle Bills is the ultimate way to start an evening in the beautiful city of Cairns, Far North Queensland.

Award winning dishes along with the crisp salt air and a chilled glass of wine are the perfect compliment for great company and good times.

We use Australian product only, providing better taste and quality while supporting the local community.

It's not just dinner - it's the Barnacle Bills way.



Served with fresh lemon, cocktail sauce and eschallots & red wine vinegar...14.90 (4) 28.90 (8)


Baked with bacon and Worcestershire sauce...16.90 (4) 32.90 (8)


Cooked with a light blue cheese sauce, topped with cheese au gratin...16.90 (4) 32.90 (8)


Topped with prawn, avocado puree and hollandaise sauce...17.90 (4) 33.90 (8)




Black lip mussels in a tomato, garlic and herb sauce, with croutons...18.90


Creamy soft cheese crumbed and golden fried, served with Bill's special plum sauce...17.90

Prawn Tempura

Cooked in batter, served with tempura sauce, ginger and wasabi...19.90

Prawn Cocktail

Served cold with lettuce chiffonade and cocktail sauce...19.90


Lightly floured and seasoned, served with lemon, aioli...18.90    

Bill's Spicy Trio

Pan seared scallops Cajun with avocado puree, grilled prawns and chorizo, vegetarian arancini balls, sauce...17.90

Bug Endeavour

Served chilled in the shell with cocktail sauce and mango salsa...34.90

Scallops Cajun

Roe-off, cajun spiced seared and served with avocado puree and crispy bread...22.90


Oven-baked in garlic butter, topped with pastry strips...19.90

Kangaroo & Crocodile Duet

Char grilled, served with a red wine and bush tomato glaze...22.90



Chicken & Chorizo

Chicken tenderloin and chorizo sausage, served with pasta in a garlic and tomato cream sauce...27.90

Beef & Chilli

Prime Australian Beef served with pasta in a tomato, garlic, chilli and herb sauce...29.90


Fish, prawns and mussels served with pasta, in garlic cream sauce...32.90


Artichoke, black olive, grilled zucchini, roasted red pepper, sundried tomato, garlic and olive oil...22.90


Bill's Favourites


Fish, mussels and prawns cooked with rice, in our famous hot and spicy tomato based sauce...26.90 (S) 36.90 (L)


Fish, prawns, mussels with snow peas ans pumpkin served in a medium hot curry sauce with jasmine rice, chutney and pappadums...27.90 (S) 38.90 (L)

Baked Mornay

Fish and prawns cooked in a white sauce with a hint of blue cheese, served on potato bake, topped with cheese, au gratin...27.90 (S) 37.90 (L)

Saffron Risotto

Prawns and chorizo pan-fried with roasted capsicum, green peas, served in a mild chilli saffron risotto...26.90 (S) 38.90 (L)

Prawns Garlic 

Served in a house made vol-au-vent, with garlic cream sauce...26.90 (S) 37.90 (L)

Bugs & Prawns Royale 

Bugs and whole prawns served chilled in the shell, mango salsa and sauce...34.90 (S) 56.90 (L)



Chiang Mai Pork Belly

Grilled marinated pork belly, served on wombok and vegetable salad...28.90

Chicken Veneto

Oven baked breast with garlic, served with vegetables, greens and rosemary butter...29.90

Warm Lamb Salad

Grilled and spiced, served with wombok and vegetable salad and mango pieces...29.90

Veal on the Bone

Grilled marinated cutlet served with sweet potato mash, broccolini and carrots, topped with red wine jus...45.90


Australian beef, roasted vegetables and potatoes, served with mushroom or peppercorn sauce

Angus Sirloin (200g)...33.90
Angus Sirloin (300g)...45.90
Eye Fillet Medallions (300g)...48.90
Jacks' Creek Wagyu Sirloin Marble score 6-7 (200g)...78.90

 Addition of pan fried prawns to your steak...12.90 



Fish and Chips

Fillets of fish in tempura batter with fries, salad and sauces

King George Whiting...39.90


Fillet served with vegetables, potatoes, sun-dried tomato coulis

Atlantic Salmon - Tasmanian (farmed)...35.90
Coral Trout...43.90        


Bill's famous combination of baked fillet of fish, topped with prawns, avocado puree and Hollandaise sauce, served with vegetables and potatoes

Coral Trout...46.90


Fillet coated with lemon, lime and orange panko, served with onion and saffron flavoured rice, greens and a sweet soy glaze

Coral Trout...44.90


Fillet baked with macadamia and coconut crust, served with carrots, bok choy, potato and a curry sauce

Coral Trout...44.90 


Crabs & Crays


Southern Australian, served whole or half...daily market price

Traditional, oven baked served with hot garlic butter on the side
Mornay, oven baked, served in a white sauce with a hint of blue cheese, and topped with cheese, au gratin


North Queensland, served whole...daily market price

Steamed, served with hot garlic butter and chilli tomato sauce on the side...daily market price




Toasted with house made garlic and fresh herb butter...6.90        


Garlic bread topped with fresh tomato, Spanish onion, basil and balsamic dressing...10.90    


Bread rolls served warm with butter, olive oil and balsamic vinegar...3.90      





Hot Vegetables...8.90

Asian Salad...6.90

Garden Salad...5.90

Steamed Jasmine Rice...3.90




Kid's Meals

For children under 12 years

Fish and Chips...9.90

Calamari and Chips...9.90

Chicken and Chips...9.90